Farmingdale High School Scholarship criteria

Our scholarship fund was sent up to help one of Farmingdale's seniors get a start at college, a trade school or whatever their educational needs are to prepare for their future. While Michael may not have been a straight A student, he was a very good person who cared deeply about his family and friends. He just simply loved people both young and old and found it easy to interact and converse with them on all levels. Michael was proud of his family. His sisters, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins were all important to him and he held them all in high esteem. He would do anything to help them if they needed him. He was pretty much a normal seventeen year old with the usual mood swings and bad habits and sometimes bad behavior but he would always apologize if he thought he hurt anyone's feelings. So our scholarship fund looks to identify a student who embodies these qualities as well as looking to further their education in whatever discipline they aspire. So far we have given out eight (8) $5,000.00 scholarships and if you're a senior in 2018-2019 School year at Farmingdale High School, you can check with the Guidance Department about when to submit your essay. Good luck!

 The 2018 Winning Essay and Scholarship recipient