Dominick Scotto- USI Insurance Services LLC

I am Michael's dad. Not a day goes by that I do not think about him and while he was like many boys his age, he was always very special to me. He was named after my father who had passed away long before Michael was born. He would have been very proud of his namesake. In many ways he was much like his grandfather, kind and easy going. Michael worked for me when I owned an insurance agency and passed away while we were moving our office to the 3rd floor. I had made a work station for him just outside my office. He passed away before he could ever see or occupy it. But in my mind and heart it was always his place. I had a framed gold plaque made up to hang on the wall in that space which simply reads, Michael's Place. No matter where we move, I hang that plaque close by. I have sold my company to a larger firm for whom I now work and that plaque is hanging in my office. Michael will always be part of my life and I try to live so that he would be proud of me. He used to ask me if he was dependable and reliable and to me he was so much more. Now I ask if I have these qualities because I want him to be proud of me. I will, as long as I am able, do good deeds in his name. Helping others through the foundation that bears his name.

Dorothy Scotto

I am Michael's Mother. When he was taken from us, it left a giant hole in our lives that will never be filled but raising money in his name to help others gives us some satisfaction. He was very special and would have become an honorable and respectful man. That's important. I'm sure that Michael would be very proud that we are trying our best to help our community and honor his name.

Theresa A Lanfranco- USI Insurance Services LLC

I am Michael's sister. Although Michael and I were 8 years apart we shared many common interests and hobbies, such as music and sports. I remember my freshman year at college, Michael was only 10 years old at the time, I was in a Rock band and we had done a performance at the school which my parents video taped. Michael would watch that video over and over again. He just loved it. We also shared a love of baseball. We rooted for our beloved Mets through thick and thin (mostly thin) but always stayed loyal. Michael was a fantastic kid. He was kind and generous and everyone who knew him, loved him and enjoyed his company. Although it was incredibly difficult to lose him, I am at the very least inspired by him to help others who have gone through or are going through a tragedy themselves. I think he would be proud of the work this Foundation does in honor of him.

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Ben is Surety Senior Vice President at USI Construction Practice Group in Briarcliff Manor. USI CPG specializes in the placement of construction insurance and surety bonds. Ben is a member of the Construction User's Council of NY, AGC of New York, National Association of Surety Bonds Producers (NASBP) and the Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA). He also serves on the board of the DG Athletic Association and the Subcontractor Trade Association of NY (STA). Mr, Tockarshewsky is a graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business where he majored in Finance and Management.

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Michael was a great kid. I say that not because he was taken at such a young age, but because it's true. I worked at Armitage when Michael was in High School. He worked there part-time after school. He was a great help to me, especially when it came to moving & setting up new office space. He would do anything to help anyone without being asked, in or out of the office. He could be quiet but at the same time, had a funny sense of humor. I can still hear him quietly hum a few notes of a tune that was an inside joke to all of us at Armitage. Still makes me smile. Michael had a kind soul. I am proud to be on this committee in his name which does many good things for many people, reaching out and touching lives. Helping, making a difference, just like Michael.

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